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A crypto asset platform providing innovative trading tools, available for customizing at your fingertips


Intelligent monitoring abnormal alarm DDoS defense, distributed structure


Hot wallet, providing online deposit and withdrawal, isolated from the internal network

Transaction Mining

Receive cash-back depending on your various actions that contribute to mining. Set you own cash-back ratio with a flexible configuration setting.


Multi-currency ledger, clear and checkable capital flow Automatic reconciliation Manual closing

Risk Control

Real -time monitoring of backpacking and platform data for abnormal paths

Crypto Broker Solution

All in ONE for cryptocurrency brokers

Market Analysis

Trading Data, Market Data, K-Line Capture to analyze and predict market trends

AI Trading

Maximize your trading efficiency and outcome with highly sophisticated AI Trading System.

Fund Trading

Fund trading provides traders with higher profits and a comfortable trading environment. Enjoy a whole new trading experience now

Anyone can use a trading platform

Competitive Advantage

We promise simple and reliable support based on various experiences.

Unique API function

Partners can enjoy exclusive API functions provided by the world's most liquid Cryptocurrency top exchange

Experience Global Level

All customers share the depth of the global first-line exchange, providing users with a smooth experience

Rich functions

Rich contract functions for all categories, providing users with multiple choices

Safe and reliable

All-round multiple risk control system, real-time alarm for abnormalities

Quick Deployment

Fast development, Just in time.

Advanced customer management

Customer Care Program and Outstanding Back Office


Trusted by over 25,000 traders

We invite everyone to gain access to powerful, never-before-seen financial tools.

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